Elections by Ontotext

elections.ontotext provides easily accessible 5-star linked open Bulgarian elections data from 2013 to the present day. The data is publicly available as a SPARQL endpoint and is hosted in Ontotext’s GraphDB engine. You can explore it in GraphDB Workbench using its search, graph traversal and visualization facilities. It also provides a set of sample queries to help the understanding of the data model and shorten the learning curve.

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These are the counts of the main entities in the graph:

  • 11 election cycles covered;
  • 129 political parties;
  • 113,370 candidates;
  • 137,187 sections;
  • 185,810 voting protocols;
  • 44,478,700 cast ballots;
  • 9,609,780 preferential votes;
  • 53 million statements in total.
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