Ontotext Demo Days: Advanced Data Validation for the Transparency Energy KG

A talk by Vladimir Alexiev, Chief Data Architect at Ontotext, presented at the Ontotext Demo Day in May 2022.

Vladimir Alexiev presents the Transparency Energy KG (TEKG) project, which converts the ENTSO-E electricity market transparency data to a semantic KG and complements with external data sources (VIES for VAT validation, OpenStreetMap for power plant maps and coordinates, several power plant databases for correspondences/coreferencing).

We have implemented a number of advanced validations over fundamental electricity data such as the EIC file (Energy Identification Code), power plant data, and specific market data. KGs afford a holistic view over the data that allow us to uncover a number of data problems, presented in a Data Quality Assessment Dashboard. This could help ENTSO-E and national electricity authorities (Transmission System Operators, TSO) diagnose data quality problems and improve data collection procedures and legislation.

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