Ontotext Demo Days: Reconciliation Service for Knowledge Graph Enrichment with OntoRefine

A talk by Nikola Tulechki, Knowledge Engineer at Ontotext, presented at the Ontotext Demo Day in May 2022.

Nikola Tulechki, Knowledge Engineer at Ontotext, demonstrates a data cleaning, reconciliation and RDF-ization workflow with OntoRefine aiming to enhance an existing knowledge graph with new information contained in tabular data.

You can watch him clean up a tabular dataset with OntoRefine, set up a project-specific reconciliation service on top of an existing knowledge graph and use it from the OntoRefine project to match strings in the source data to entities in the knowledge graph. The enriched data will then be converted to RDF, using the Visual RDF Mapper, and imported into the existing knowledge graph in the GraphDB repository.

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