Ontotext Target Discovery Client Interview

Listen to this Target Discovery client interview with ​​Montdher 'Monty' Hussain, MS Pathology and Molecular Medicine at Queen's University.

Monty Hussain discusses his experience working with Ontotext’s Target Discovery Solution, and what he and his team have been able to achieve.

  • Identifying and prioritizing candidates for cancer research can be time-consuming and resource-heavy due to the large amount of data to sift through.
  • If Monty’s team were going to manually do this, going from these large data sets to picking out a few candidates, Ontotext Target Discovery saved them time.
  • Target Discovery has impacted research by unlocking new thinking patterns, expanding beyond prior criteria and allowing for the compilation of all available literature.
  • The process of working with Ontotext has shifted from small-scale user-guided input to AI-driven large-scale prioritization of candidates, which has been phenomenal.
  • It was easy to upload all the criteria to all the genes and compile all the resources we needed to answer our specific research question, which was great.
  • It can be an excellent tool for researchers, always open as a tab, providing quick access to literature search, patterns, and building rationale for research.


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