Build Narratives, Connect Artifacts: Linked Open Data for Cultural Heritage


This webinar has been recorded and available on YouTube.

Throughout the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) sector, there is an issue with complex and varied data. Integrating it, especially across institutions, is a industry pain point, posing a major challenge. We believe, the answer lies in the semantic technologies and linked data, which can solve the complex integration problems on your digital transformation journey.

There is a lot of knowledge you can gain from it: 

  • Expose your institution’s collections and other data to allow interlinking
  • Use established and interlinked thesauri and gazetteers in every-day collection management, cataloging, documentation and research
  • Connect data models and use resources like Wikidata to solve complex issues in cultural heritage
  • Provide cross-collection search, find links between entities and artefacts, build narratives, analyze data and support scientific discourses

These and many issues are faced by scholars, book researchers, museum directors who try to find the underlying connection between resources. Scholars in particular continuously emphasizes the role of digital humanities and the value of linked data in cultural heritage information systems.

About The Speaker

Vladimir Alexiev

Vladimir Alexiev

Lead, Data and Ontology Management Group

Vladimir's experience includes ontology engineering, metadata standards, vocabularies and thesauri, RDF, RDFS, OWL2, SHACL, SKOS, SPARQL, LOD, mapping, R2RML, ETL, semantic web applications, project management, business analysis and requirements specifications. He has worked in various business domains, from Customs and Excise, to Personal Finance workflows, to Legal Procedures and Statistics, to Cultural Heritage and Digital Humanities.