Diving in Panama Papers and Open Data to Discover Emerging News

This webinar has been recorded and is available on YouTube.

Panama Papers leak is already published on the web, but is it really at your fingertips?

Get guidance through the gigantic sea of freely released data from Panama Papers as well as Linked Open Data cloud. You will learn how it can empower your understanding of today’s news or any other information source.

This webinar is a live demo of news and data analytics, based on rich links within big Knowledge Graphs of Panama Papers. It will show you how to:

  • Navigate in a new data resource;
  • Build smart queries and follow links;
  • Link more data to your knowledge graph;
  • Discover topics and entities linked implicitly;
  • Draw trend lines;
  • Extend your analytics with additional data sources;

This knowledge will help you foster compliance and business intelligence. You will be able to discover relationships (collecting scattered indirect links), name variations and co-occurring of mentions, resulting in improved semantic press clipping.

“To our knowledge this is the biggest leak that journalists have ever worked on”

Now, media companies can engage their audiences with relevant content, offer insightful rankings, investigations and much more.

Join us live to learn how to empower your data analytics with Open Data, and get advantage of exploring your own examples for the industries, regions, organisations and people you are interested in.

About The Speaker

Atanas Kiryakov

Atanas Kiryakov

Your experienced tour guide throughout the session is Atanas Kiryakov, Ontotext CEO.