Not All Graph Databases are Created Equally

GraphDB by Ontotext

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The power of graph databases to manage connected data and drive knowledge discovery and search applications is becoming well known. The list of vendors providing these RDF triplestores is diverse. Software providers range from large established companies that offer graph databases as part of a larger portfolio to small upstarts with nascent offerings. With vendor diversity expanding and users interested in performance benchmarks, feature reviews and use cases, where can you go to learn the truth about this important technology?

This exclusive Ontotext webinar is designed to provide a background on graph databases, discuss the most important features and describe the vision for RDF triplestores. Featuring Ontotext CEO and Executive Director, Atanas Kiryakov, this webinar should be attended by the business and IT community. It will address these important questions and more:

  • What makes graph databases and triplestores unique?
  • How are organizations applying semantic technology to improve business process?
  • How are graph databases and text mining used to create a powerful search, discovery and analysis experience?
  • What works best when it comes to inference and reasoning engines?
  • What direction are graph databases going from a development perspective?
  • What are the new features of Ontotext GraphDB 6.0 which was just released?

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from one of the pioneers in triplestore technology.

About The Speaker

Atanas Kiryakov

Atanas Kiryakov

Your experienced tour guide throughout the session is Atanas Kiryakov, Ontotext CEO.