GraphDB 10.1 – An Easy Ride for Beginners & Seasoned Veterans

An overview of the new features and improvements in GraphDB 10.1 that make it easy both for the beginner and the veteran user.

The recording of this webinar is available on YouTube.

GraphDB 10.1 Webinar Image

GraphDB is Ontotext’s signature semantic graph database that powers enterprise knowledge graphs.

With the recent minor release of v10.1, significant performance improvements and lower memory usage are available. These make it easier to develop robust solutions with semantic technologies thanks to new SPARQL extensions and search functionality. This webinar will be an overview of these new features and improvements. They will be demonstrated and discussed by GraphDB Product Owner, Pavel Mihaylov.

By improving query performance by 30% to 50% and lowering memory usage by 15% to 20%, GraphDB 10.1 can now pass the LDBC Semantic Network Benchmark (SNB*) in its entirety. This is a significant improvement that makes GraphDB the only RDF database that can pass the benchmark.

Next on the demo list are the new SPARQL functions and a simple full-text search index for literals and IRIs. The new functions are compatible with equivalent functions in Jena so those developers can switch to GraphDB effortlessly.

Finally, we will take a deep dive into the interactive user guides that lead the user through the workbench showing them how to accomplish various tasks and get started with RDF. The demo of this feature makes the webinar specifically suitable for new users of GraphDB.

*SNB is the most comprehensive benchmark for graph analytics and until now was primarily targeted at labeled property graph (LPG) engines.

  • Thursday, Dec 1
  • 11am EST | 4pm GMT | 5pm CET
This webinar is for:
  • Current & future users of GraphDB
  • RDF & Linked Data enthusiasts
  • Graph Database Managers
  • Knowledge Managers
Expected duration:
  • 45 minutes demonstration
  • 15 minutes for Q&A

About The Speaker

Pavel Mihaylov

Pavel Mihaylov

GraphDB Product Owner

Pavel Mihaylov is the master chef in the GraphDB kitchen and makes sure we deliver an excellent product that meets our clients’ expectations. As the Product Owner for GraphDB, he focuses on both the grand vision and the detail, and engages with stakeholders at multiple levels. Prior to this, Pavel was the GraphDB Architect and Team Lead who translated business to tech requirements, defined architectural approaches and guided the team on all technical matters.