GraphDB 10 – An Effortless Journey From The Small Business To The Large Enterprise

In this webinar, Pavel Mihaylov, GraphDB Product Manager, will walk you through all exciting changes and improvements of GraphDB 10

This webinar is recorded and available on demand.

GraphDB 10.0 is the first major release since GraphDB 9.0 was released in September 2019. It introduces several important changes that make it a breeze to support various use-cases from the small business to the big enterprise and upgrade effortlessly as the needs of the company grow. 

The new release offers simpler and more reliable cluster architecture, better resilience with fewer servers, self-organized cluster for automated recovery, improved search and downstream replication experience and more.

This webinar will walk you through what’s new in GraphDB 10, including:

  • A single distribution that can run in Free, SE or EE mode depending on the currently set license and zero development effort to pass from one edition to another.
  • More powerful value and document filtering capabilities in the Connectors, including a two-variable comparison to cover numerous new use-cases that were not possible before. 
  • The GraphDB 10 crown-jewel –  a new high-availability cluster with enhanced resilience, based on the Raft consensus algorithm. Now every repository automatically becomes part of the cluster.

Discover all these exciting changes with Pavel Mihaylov, GraphDB Product Manager, and learn about all the benefits of the new version!

Who is this webinar for:
  • Current and future users of GraphDB
  • Technology persons and developers
Expected duration:
  • 45 minutes presentation
  • 15 minutes Q&A session
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About The Speaker

Pavel Mihaylov

Pavel Mihaylov

Product owner, GraphDB

Pavel Mihaylov is the master chef in the GraphDB kitchen and makes sure we deliver an excellent product that meets our clients’ expectations. As the Product Manager/Owner for GraphDB, he focuses on both the grand vision and the detail, and engages with stakeholders at multiple levels. Before, Pavel was GraphDB Architect and Team Lead who translated business to tech requirements, defined architectural approaches and guided the team on all technical matters.