Exclusive Sneak Peek into GraphDB 8 Workbench

Webinar: Exclusive Sneak Peak into GraphDB 8 Workbench

This webinar has been recorded and available on YouTube.

GraphDB 8 features a complete redesign of its web-based administrative interface. The new Workbench UI boosts the GraphDB user experience with its intuitiveness, efficiency and simplicity. Its overall redesign matches all server functionalities for importing, transforming, exploring, managing and querying data, now in an optimized working space.

The Workbench also introduces OntoRefine – a powerful new feature that enables you to transform legacy tabular data to RDF and directly load it in your GraphDB repository, using simple SPARQL queries and a SPARQL virtual endpoint.

Discover all these exciting changes with Pavel Mihaylov, Head of GraphDB DevEx. He will compare GraphDB 8 Workbench to GraphDB 7.2 Workbench live in this webinar and show you how easier it is to use the new version.

This webinar brings 60 minutes of actionable insights to improving your data quality control.

  • An amazing new dashboard with easy access to search, queries and repositories;
  • Easy transformation of tabular data formats with OntoRefine;
  • Improved cluster and repository management.

This webinar will be useful to both existing users, who want to learn about the new Workbench, and potential users who are considering using GraphDB.

Webinar Duration: 60 minutes

Live Webinar: Yes

Live Question Answering: Yes

Resource After Webinar: Presentation and Recording

About The Speaker

Pavel Mihaylov

Pavel Mihaylov

Your experienced tour guide throughout the session is Pavel Mihaylov. He currently manages the GraphDB DevEx team and is responsible for the GraphDB Workbench, the GraphDB Connectors and the GraphDB Developer Community. He developed the GraphDB Connectors architecture and led the technical side of commercial and research projects, which included overall design, software architecture and task planning.