GraphDB Fundamentals: Adding Meaning to Your Data

This is a recurring webinar. Stay tuned for the next session.

GraphDB™ from Ontotext is accelerating the innovation of enterprise analytics to provide you with the strategic advantage your organization needs to get a competitive edge. Using GraphDB as a semantic graph database can help you target content with pinpoint accuracy; identify potential new lifesaving treatments; flag possible fraudulent activities, and predict future behaviour.

In this GraphDB Fundamentals webinar Radostin Nanov, an experienced software developer at Ontotext will look at some of the basic configurations and key features of GraphDB necessary to meet any analytic requirements.

There is a planned Q&A part, in which Radostin will be answering as many of your questions as possible during the live session.

Topics covered:

  • The fundamentals of W3C standards for graph databases related to RDF and SPARQL;
  • GraphDB installation and set-up instructions to generate your first RDF dataset;
  • Configure with GraphDB™ visual representations of the model.

Webinar Duration: 45 min + 15 min Q&A

Live Q&A: Yes

Resources After Webinar: Presentation Slides, Datasets, Queries

About The Speaker

Radostin Nanov

Radostin Nanov

Software Engineer

Radostin Nanov has a MEng in Software Engineering from the University of York in the UK and has been on board Ontotext ever since he graduated in 2016. He’s the maintainer behind the Ontotext Cognitive Cloud. Radostin also dabbles in DevOps, helping to spearhead Kubernetes development in Ontotext. When he gets the chance, he participates in core GraphDB development.