GraphQL Federation and Knowledge Graphs

Join us on June 25 to understand GraphQL federation and its ability to scale RDF based Knowledge Graph projects. The webinar will be led by Jem Rayfield - chief architect at Ontotext.

This webinar is recorded and available on YouTube.

An online webinar to understand GraphQL federation and its ability to scale RDF based Knowledge Graph projects.

Discussion topics will include:

  • What is GraphQL
  • Bridging GraphQL and RDF
  • Bounded context architectures and improving team velocity
  • GraphQL federation

Lab exercises and demos will include:

  1. Building an Apollo GraphQL Service for Web Annotation JSON-LD stored in MongoDB
  2. Modelling Star Wars RDF and automatically exposing GraphQL queries and mutations
  3. Building a GraphQL Service to discover the semantic similarity between Star Wars characters (using vector spaces)
  4. Building a single data graph across the three services. To provide a unified GraphQL interface for retrieving Star Wars character annotations, in context within a Knowledge Graph and using semantic similarity to discovering similar characters.

Source code will be provided in Github. Some experience with RDF, JavaScript, Node is desirable.

Who is this webinar for:

  • Technology enthusiasts (architects, software developers);
  • Ontologists and data scientists;
  • Technical people confident in SPARQL;
  •  Consultants and Solution Architects;
  •  Linked Data Scientists.

Expected duration:

1 hour total = 45 minutes presentation & demo + 15 minutes QA

About The Speaker

Jem Rayfield

Jem Rayfield

Chief Architect

Jem is an experienced software practitioner, architect, and director of development. He has proven himself as one of the best architects of semantic technology solutions working for BBC and FT in the past. As Chief Solution Architect, he's working to shape the Architecture direction, strategy and processes at Ontotext. He's also responsible for the architectural design of the Ontotext Platform.