Increase Data Interoperability: Ontotext LinkedLifeData Inventory

Join this webinar to learn how life science, healthcare and biomedical organizations can accelerate discovering business insights and drive faster critical decision making.

This webinar is recorded and available on demand.

linkedlifedata webinar


Is your life science, healthcare or biomedical organization struggling with data integration? Are you striving to increase data interoperability and gain key insights to make crucial business decisions? If you’re continuing to seek ways to enhance your organization’s data management and analysis capabilities, please join Ontotext’s upcoming webinar,  ‘Increase Data Interoperability with Ontotext LinkedLifeData Inventory!’

In this webinar you will learn how Ontotext’s LinkedLifeData Inventory can help your organization accelerate the process of gaining important insights and relationships by providing you with access to hundreds of public datasets and ontologies in semantic-ready format that could be used as building blocks for your knowledge graph initiatives.

 In this webinar we will explore:

  • How LinkedLifeData Inventory drives data interoperability and enhances  knowledge graph development
  • Different use cases for leveraging  LinkedLifeData Inventory
  • How to use our FAIR data catalog and identify relevant data sets for your use case

If your organization is looking to identify biomedical concepts and relationships in both unstructured and structured data to speed up the development of knowledge graph based solutions and products, you won’t want to miss this webinar!


  • Thursday, September 28th
  • 11 am EST | 4 pm GMT | 5 pm CEST

This webinar is for:

  • ​​Chief Data and Analytics Officers
  • Data Scientists & Engineers
  • Data architects
  • Data enthusiasts
  • Bioinformaticians and medical experts
  • Drug Hunters
  • RDF & Linked Data enthusiasts

Expected duration:

  • 50 minutes

Other Information:

  • This is a live webinar
  • Live Question Answering: Yes
  • Resource After Webinar: Recording and presentation


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About The Speaker

Todor Primov

Todor Primov

Head of Life Sciences and Healthcare Solutions

Todor Primov is leading Life Sciences and Healthcare Products and Solutions at Ontotext. His experience spans across roles such as business analyst, solution architect, project manager and product owner in life science and healthcare IT. He has 18+ years of experience in development and delivery of large scale semantic data integration, information extraction and semantic search solutions in various domains such as bioinformatics, clinical, pharmaceuticals, agro-bio and health care.

Ilian Uzunov

Ilian Uzunov

Sales Director of Life Sciences and Healthcare

Ilian Uzunov is Market Lead Life-sciences, Pharma and Healthcare with 20+ years experience in continuously managing sustainable and value-driven business operations in multiple industry verticals. For the last 6 years Ilian has been nurturing key accounts like global pharma companies, innovative biotechs, big hospitals, prestigious research organizations, leading STM publishers. Ilian has profound experience in helping big enterprises make the most of their data assets both structured and unstructured by building rich and FAIR data knowledge graphs that address various use cases across the Pharma value chain. Ilian has been part of large scale projects with business critical impact leveraging a wide array of capability areas like smart search and discoverability, advanced data analytics, decision-support, data fabric programs and many more.