Knowledge Management Becomes Business Critical as Knowledge Graphs Improve Decision Making and Efficiency

This webinar is recorded and available on YouTube.

The red arrow finds its optimal path through many impassable options. Strategic planning, business development, search for new markets and opportunities. Risk management, making the right decisions.Historically, knowledge management (KM) was mostly about nurturing controlled vocabularies and taxonomies for the sake of manual document indexing. While nowadays taxonomies often play an important role in various content management (CM) and data management (DM) systems, there are still relatively few enterprises that consider KM an essential business function. 

To remain competitive, enterprises must get insights and make decisions based on knowledge, derived from both structured and unstructured information. The information behind these insights is increasingly more complex, integrating disparate internal and external sources. Leading organizations now rely on big teams of data scientists. Their recommendations count on the richness and the quality of the information being analyzed. To get a real advantage, an enterprise should get the right features and signals on time, without massive efforts for ad hoc data cleaning, transformation and normalization. Today’s data warehouses and enterprise search systems (referred to by Gartner as “Insight engines”) cope well with structural transformations and indexing, but cannot achieve alignment of the meaning of the information on all the necessary levels: terminology, data schema and individual entities.

What you will learn

In this webinar, Atanas Kiryakov, CEO of Ontotext and Joe Hilger, COO of Enterprise Knowledge will present how knowledge graphs (KG) address these challenges by making concepts and entities first-class citizens that have rich descriptions with unambiguous formal semantics. Linking in a network a critical mass of domain knowledge brings context. The kind of cognitive context and awareness that allows human experts to understand and interpret information in a correct and intelligent manner.

Having such a comprehensive conceptual model allows KG-centric systems to:

  • Fuse data from diverse sources in an efficient, sustainable and accurate manner;
  • Combine proprietary knowledge artifacts with 3rd party models and data;
  • Automatically tag documents and extract data with unmatched correctness;
  • Mix and match hybrid analytic techniques in order to get more relevant results in less time, spot patterns and derive competitive insights.

What Joe and Atanas have in common is over 20 years of experience in helping the most knowledge-intensive enterprises across multiple sectors (government, life sciences, publishing, financial services, industry, etc.) climb up the Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom pyramid. Atanas will present a mindmap of KG applications and explain how Ontotext Platform supports the different stakeholders. Joe will elaborate EK’s methodology for KG-centric solutions, including how their hybrid analysis approach, combining user- and technology-driven research, allows them to iteratively capture relationships between the application, business, information and technology layers. He will present a palette of use cases across Enterprise Architectures, Natural Language Search, Recommendation systems, Data Portals and Catalogues.

Who is this webinar for:

  • Knowledge Managers, Content Managers, and IT professionals
  • Consultants, Solution Architects, and Knowledge Engineers


Expected duration:

  • 45 minutes presentation
  • 15 minutes Q&A session

About The Speaker

Atanas Kiryakov

Atanas Kiryakov

CEO, Ontotext

Atanas Kiryakov is the founder and CEO of Ontotext and member of the board of the Linked Data Benchmarking Council – standardization body, who's members include the major graph database vendors. Kiryakov obtained his M.Sc. degree in AI from the Sofia University, Bulgaria, in 1995. Today he is a top expert in semantic graph databases, reasoning, knowledge graphs, text mining, semantic tagging, linking and search. Author of signature academic publications with more than 2500 citations. Atanas is partner and board member in Sirma Group Holding – one of the biggest Bulgarian IT businesses, listed at the Sofia Stock Exchange. Atanas started in Sirma as software engineer in 1993 and became a partner in 1997. In the 90s he has led projects in the areas of CASE, CSCW, and b2b for big corporations and government organizations in US and Canada.

Joseph Hilger

Joseph Hilger

Chief Operating Officer at Enterprise Knowledge, LLC

Joe Hilger is the Chief Operating Officer and a co-founder of Enterprise Knowledge, LLC. Enterprise Knowledge (EK) is a fast-growing Knowledge and Information Management Consultancy based outside of Washington, DC. Mr. Hilger is responsible for the technical strategy, delivery, and partnerships for all of EK. Joe is actively aware of every project that EK consultants work on and helps provide technical direction for the firm. Under his leadership, EK has become a leader in the areas of Knowledge Management, Enterprise Search, Knowledge Graphs, Headless Content Management, Document Management, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence solutions.