Ontotext Platform – the Fast Track from an RDF Model to a Knowledge Graph

Join us o 17 December to learn more about the new Ontotext Platform! Vassil Momtchev - the CTO of Ontotext and the product owner of GraphDB and the Ontotext Platform will lead the webinar.

This webinar has been recorded and available on demand.

Knowledge graphs are an emerging technology aiming to solve challenges in enterprise data management and analytics use cases. They address the need to deliver solutions connecting data providers and consumers with quickly evolving requirements from the business and IT. At the same time, graphs must preserve the complete information context and meaning to achieve the much-desired agility, where the RDF technology stack looks like the only fully compliant choice. Despite having existed for years, the technology stack has received a limited acceptance beyond the information architects because of the perceived complexity for designing simple applications.

The Ontotext Platform is built from experience, garnered from building and delivering complex semantic solutions for large enterprises. It combines the semantic and GraphQL technology stacks to bootstrap faster knowledge graph development, providing:

    • Automatic generation of GraphQL APIs from ontologies: Declaring simplified information views to ease data consumption
    • Efficient SPARQL query generation: Eliminating the need to write and optimize complex SPARQL queries
    • Easy application integration, including non-semantic sources: Federation, schema stitching and data virtualization 
    • Developer friendly tooling: Implementing user interfaces directly from the shape of data, minimizing the information payload using a rich ecosystem of developer tools
    • Authorization and authentication: A generic model for controlling information access
    • Cloud-agnostic deployment with Kubernetes: Spinning up development and production environments in minutes
    • Platform and Performance Monitoring: monitor GraphDB and platform performance through all stages of query processing

The webinar will demonstrate how to install, configure and operate the Ontotext Platform.

Who is this webinar for:

  • CIO/CDO and technology strategists
  • Technology enthusiasts (architects, software developers) 
  • Ontologists and data scientists

Expected duration:

1 hour total = 45 minutes presentation & demo + 15 minutes QA

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About The Speaker

Vassil Momtchev

Vassil Momtchev


Vassil has more than 15 years in software development in various domains like life sciences, pharmaceutical, health care and telecommunication. In the past 10 years he’s mostly engaged with the development of complex enterprise knowledge management solutions that features natural language processing, text analytics, reasoning, semantics, ontology design, linked data, conceptual model design, implementation of formal grammars and graph databases.