Realize LLM Potential: A Knowledge Graph, Metadata & Data Fabric Approach

Join this webinar and learn how creating a knowledge graph powered data fabric empowers enterprises to use LLMs for enhanced collaboration.

Much has been said about maximizing the potential of LLMs. To see success, two key elements are required: knowledge graphs and metadata. What’s the gap?

Imagine a huge library of LLMs, each holding tremendous wisdom, but scattered and isolated, lacking context. Utilizing knowledge graphs and metadata to connect and enrich data with context, and identify relationships, we close the gap so LLMs become more than intelligent sounding parrots.

We’ll share how by integrating disparate data sources and providing a unified information sharing framework, a knowledge graph powered data fabric empowers enterprises to use LLMs for enhanced collaboration. We will also discuss how and why Graph RAG overcomes limitations of traditional RAG based solutions.

Join our Strategic Technology Director and Chief Marketing Officer for this enlightening webinar!

Thursday, May 30th

11 am EST | 4 pm BST | 5 pm CEST

This webinar is for:

  • Data enthusiasts
  • Chief Data and Analytics Officers
  • Data Scientists & Engineers
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Current & future users of GraphDB
  • RDF & Linked Data enthusiasts

Expected duration:

  • 30 min

Other Information:

  • This is a live webinar
  • Live Question Answering: Yes
  • Resource After Webinar: Recording and presentation


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About The Speaker

Sumit Pal

Sumit Pal

Strategic Technology Director

Sumit Pal is an Ex-Gartner VP Analyst in Data Management & Analytics space. Sumit has more than 30 years of experience in the data and Software Industry in various roles spanning companies from startups to enterprise organizations in building, managing and guiding teams and building scalable software systems across the stack from middle tier, data layer, analytics and UI using Big Data, NoSQL, DB Internals, Data Warehousing, Data Modeling, Data Science and middle tier.

Doug Kimball

Doug Kimball

Chief Marketing Officer

Doug Kimball is a business and technology evangelist focusing on advancements that can be applied to e-commerce, customer centricity and insights development in the data management space. With more than 20 years of full-cycle B2B marketing experience at data, retail and supply chain providers across various industries and regions, he has developed a passion for enabling digital business.