Operation Drug Discovery: Fast & Reliable Therapeutic Target Selection

This webinar will explore how Ontotext's Target Discovery solution helps to quickly and confidently identify new drug targets and drug repurposing.

This webinar is recorded and available on demand.

drug discovery webinar

Did you know that only 1 in 10,000 compounds becomes a safe and effective drug for patients? Selecting the appropriate target for validation is a high-stakes and expensive process. But what if there was a way to streamline your efforts and accelerate your research by at least 10x?

Join this webinar and learn how you can improve your odds by leveraging Ontotext’s Target Discovery solution. Target Discovery helps base crucial target selection decisions on sound biological evidence and tailored selection criteria. Our solution allows researchers and data scientists to utilize advanced algorithms to effectively analyze large and complex networks of relationships between genes or proteins, diseases and compounds.

Curious to learn more about Target Discovery? Sign up and listen to Ontotext’s Product Manager, Martina Markova and Life Sciences and Healthcare Sales Executive, Mike Wisniewski discuss the in’s and out’s of this powerful solution.

  • Wednesday, June 28th
  • 11am EST | 4pm GMT | 5pm CET
This webinar is for:
  • Drug Hunters
  • Data Scientists
  • Biologists and medical experts
  • Therapeutic Area heads and translational researchers
  • Current & future users of Ontotext’s Target Discovery
Expected duration:
  • 45 minutes
Other Information:
  • This is a live webinar
  • Live Question Answering: Yes
  • Resource After Webinar: Recording & Presentation


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About The Speaker

Martina Markova

Martina Markova

Product Manager & Business Analyst

Martina Markova is Ontotext's Product Manager of Target Discovery and Business Analyst in Ontotext’s Life Sciences and Healthcare department. She brings experience from both the clinical and preclinical drug development phases, and has helped top pharma companies, CROs, academia and biotech startups in their journeys to successfully leverage cutting edge digital technologies.

Mike Wisniewski

Mike Wisniewski

Life Sciences & Healthcare Sales Executive

Mike Wisniewski brings 25+ years of life science and healthcare experience to Ontotext. Mike helps life sciences and healthcare organizations solve their biggest data challenges, finding meaning and insights across diverse datasets.