Text Analysis for Content Management: Demo, Offerings and Capabilities

This webinar is recorded and available on YouTube.

If your organization produces or needs to handle a lot of content, you are most likely facing the challenge of how to make that content serve your business better. 

Your content is not only an asset but can also be a key competitive advantage. However, when it is in different formats, resides in various documents and is dispersed in disconnected stores, it is difficult to discover, promote, deliver and reuse. To be able to address such challenges, Ontotext offers implementing solutions which utilize text analysis for content management. What differentiates our text analysis approach from others is the use of large-scale knowledge graphs that provide an extensive set of rich and well interconnected concepts, whose features are used as the “semantic fingerprints” that help in the process of disambiguation of named entities.

In this webinar we will go deeper into Ontotext’s capabilities for implementing such solutions.
We will elaborate on:

  • what are the different aspects of such solutions;
  • what are the trade offs and challenges;
  • how do we build such systems;
  • what do our offerings look like.

Ivaylo will kick-start the webinar with a walkthrough of NOW and Tag – a couple of demonstrators that showcase how a knowledge graph, describing millions of entities, is used to enrich, search and recommend similar content over a corpus of more than a million of news articles. Moreover, he will also share the technical set-up that stands behind these capabilities.

Who is this webinar for:

  • Business people, who need to understand why do we offer solutions and what problems they address
  • Solution and/or system architects, who want to get a glimpse of what text analysis is about in a real commercial context
  • Text analysis and/or machine learning engineers, who are interested in how we build systems that utilize knowledge graphs to perform information extraction against textual content

Expected duration:

  • 45 minutes presentation
  • 15 minutes Q&A session

About The Speaker

Ivaylo Kabakov

Ivaylo Kabakov

Head of Semantic Analytics Solutions, Ontotext

Ivaylo Kabakov is the head of Semantic Analytics Solutions team at Ontotext. His pursuit of interesting challenges brought him to Ontotext, where his passion for making computers do fascinating things met with the cutting-edge developments in semantic technologies. Ivaylo’s involvement with the company has guided him through the full stack of duties for delivering solutions to clients. His strive has always been for adding practical value while doing it with a pedantic focus on quality.