Knowledge Graph Industry Survey Report

This document is part of the Information Literacy series for Executives

The objective of this industry study was to capture baseline statistics on the size, nature and direction of data management using semantic standards or in other words the capabilities that result from having a knowledge graph.

What is the Premise?

The adoption of knowledge graphs has been steadily rising across several information-intensive industry sectors including those in Healthcare and Life Sciences, Financial Services and Industry. This sign of maturity is one of the conclusions from the 2nd Annual Knowledge Graph Benchmarking Study – conducted jointly by the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation (EKGF) and the Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC).

What does “Knowledge Graph Industry Survey Report” include?
  • Benchmarking Profiles
  • Maturity, Drivers, Use Cases and Inhibitors
  • Industry Capabilities
  • Key Takeaways
About the author: Michael Atkin has been an analyst and advocate for data management since 1985. His experience spans from the foundations of the information industry to the adoption of semantic technology. He has served as an advisor to financial institutions, global regulators, publishers, consulting firms and technology companies.
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