Text Analysis for Content Management

Ontotext Solutions Guide 5 Steps To Make Your Content Serve Your Business Better







In this document, we’ve provided an overview of how we at Ontotext develop and implement knowledge graph-based Content Management solutions.

This process is the result of years of experience integrating customized enterprise solutions that take into consideration the specific business needs of our clients. Whether your particular use case requires a solution built from our ready-made components or we’ll need to customize and extend them, we have the necessary tooling and expertise to make your content serve your business better.

What does Text Analysis for Content Management include?
  • Why you should use text analysis for content management;
  • What is a content management solution – business and technological perspective;
  • The 5-steps approach of how we build a content management solution.

Knowledge graphs are a proven dynamic and scalable solution for addressing many enterprise knowledge management requirements across a number of verticals. They help bring business insights and opportunities that are otherwise lost in the complexity of siloed data and content. Linking content and enterprise knowledge graphs enables various solutions such as content tagging, semantic search, classification and recommendation.

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