Slick Search and Exploration Front-End to your Knowledge Graph with Low-Code Platform

What is metaphactory?

Metaphactory is low-code, FAIR data framework that works as a visual interface on top of any GraphDB installation. It improves managing and building knowledge graphs by helping set up a slick search and exploration front-end with little coding. Search interfaces and visual exploration graphs work out-of-the-box and additional forms and dashboards are easy to bootstrap from any schema or ontology. The look and feel can be customized by editing HTML templates.

Metaphactory & GraphDB Together Enable

  • Curated and open datasets
  • Data virtualization
  • Visual knowledge graph modeling
  • A low-code approach for building user-friendly search, exploration and visualization interfaces
  • Data editing interfaces

Why should you try it?

The intuitive visual interface of metaphactory in combination with GraphDB will make sharing your work with non-technical colleagues and business partners easier. Using the two together will enable you to:

Search and experience data in context

Add and edit data

Visualize, explore and discover relations

Share your results with colleagues

Gain meaningful and actionable insights

Sell it to your managers

How customers are leveraging GraphDB and metaphactory? Our most recent joint case study demonstrates how, in six weeks, we enabled a global pharma company to significantly improve its Research & Development processes to perform targeted searches and find specific biomolecular information.

How does the trial process work?

Simply fill out the form to get a free, six-week metaphactory license key and instructions for installation and integration directly to your inbox. You will also have to have a deployed instance of GraphDB on your machine. If you have been using GraphDB Enterprise for longer than 60 days, you can request an extension of your trial license for the purpose of this joint campaign.

To deploy metaphactory on your machine, you will need to have docker installed. Once you have metaphactory up-an-running and connected to your GraphDB, you can immediately start interacting with your data using our out-of-the-box search and exploration components. As a next step, you can build your own interfaces for data discovery and authoring with our low-code approach and customize them to fit your corporate look-and-feel.

Running into trouble?

You can rely on the support of two teams – GraphDB‘s and metaphacts‘ – at any time.