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Make Migrating to an RDF Graph Database Work for You

GraphDB Migration Service helps you institute Ontotext GraphDB™ as your new semantic graph database.

With GraphDB Migration Services you will:

  • Optimize the cost of managing the RDF database;
  • Improve the performance of your system;
  • Get the maximum value from your semantic solution.

Designed with a view to make your transitioning to GraphDB frictionless and resource-effective, GraphDB Migration Service provides the technical support and expertise you and your team of developers need to build a highly efficient architecture for semantic annotation, indexing and retrieval of digital assets.

Who is GraphDB Migration Service for?

GraphDB Migration Service is an exclusive support framework, which is part of Ontotext’s GraphDB Enterprise.

The service is designed to assist the following roles, in order to make the most of RDF and their transitioning to semantic graph database solutions:

  • Software Architects
  • Developer Team Leaders
  • Senior Members of Technical Staff
“We are happy to have GraphDB as a central metadata store in SciGraph. This semantic graph database by Ontotext is a reliable product that offers fast data loading, efficient data updates and it’s easy to use.”

Markus Kaindl

Senior Manager
Semanic Data, Springer
Nature SciGraph

“Everything with the migration has been going well as far as I can see. We have had very little issues with any of the servers, which is great and I’m hoping it stays that way. You guys have been very helpful and I’m appreciative of that.”

Ryan Moquin

Developer, Elsevier

GraphDB Migration Service is a risk-free process


A proven set of best practices to deliver a frictionless migration and translate your needs into GraphDB functionalities


Dedicated technical team for high-quality operational and developer support until the setup is stable and performant


A complementary set of support processes for GraphDB Enterprise and GraphDB Standard

What Do GraphDB Migration Services Include?

During the process of GraphDB Migration Service, Ontotext’s dedicated team of experts assists you in every step of the way by understanding your specific use case and translating your needs into GraphDB features.

Instituting GraphDB as your new database technology with the help of GraphDB Migration Service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Data modelling
  • Data mapping
  • Query analysis
  • System setup and deployment automation
  • System testing and optimization
  • Deployment
  • Implementation of the SPARQL 1.1 query language and protocol

Successful Migration

Springer Nature SciGraph

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Data Evaluation and Action Plan

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