Ontotext Academy Provides Free On-line Training in Knowledge Graph Standards, Application Development, And More

Ontotext Academy provides a set of online courses letting people learn at their own pace about creating knowledge graphs and building applications around them with GraphDB

New York, Sofia, Basel July 18, 2024

GraphDB 10.7 Rolls Out with New Features Set to Simplify Graph Database Management

New release features improved cluster operations, easier configuration, more powerful user interface, and improved documentation

New York, Sofia, Basel July 11, 2024

GraphDB 10.6: Enhanced Data Management Capabilities and Improved User Experience

The new release brings fine-grained access control, streamlined node addition in clusters and upgraded SPARQL GUI in the workbench.

New York, Sofia, Basel February 21, 2024

Ontotext’s GraphDB Solution is Now Available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

GraphDB on Azure enables global customers to quickly and easily apply semantic technology to connect the dots of data

New York, Sofia, Basel January 16, 2024

Enable Chatting with Your Knowledge Graphs, Define Better Access Control & Deploy from AWS Marketplace with GraphDB 10.4

GraphDB 10.4 brings finer grained security, easier cluster administration and monitoring, natural language queries, deployment from AWS marketplace and more

New York, Sofia, Basel October 23, 2023