Ontotext’s Target Discovery Makes Identifying Novel Therapeutic Targets Faster, Easier & More Reliable

Ontotext’s Target Discovery enables pharma and biotech companies gain 10x more efficient insight discovery, 4x faster information retrieval as well as advanced visual and data analytics, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars

New York, Sofia, Basel May 15, 2023

New RES-Q+ Project Starts with a Kick-off Meeting in Prague

November 2022 marked the beginning of the RES-Q+ project, which builds upon the successful RES-Q (REgistry of Stroke Care Quality) currently used by 80+ countries worldwide

New York, Sofia, Basel January 12, 2023

AIDAVA: New EU Research Project Launches to Automate Curation and Publishing of Personal Health Data Through Artificial Intelligence

The new research project AIDAVA sets out for a quantum leap in automating personal health data curation and publishing by orchestrating multiple Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based solutions.

Maastricht, The Netherlands October 26, 2022

Ontotext Wins Six New Research Projects in Horizon Europe

Ontotext secures additional funding of €2,5M for research and innovation for the next 4 years

New York, Sofia, Basel September 28, 2022

EU-funded Project AI4EU-CODE Was Selected As a Success Story

Results achieved in AI4EU-CODE picked among 40 solutions as one of the top 4 success stories of the AI4EU project

Sofia/Bulgaria January 28, 2022