Ontotext Metadata Studio Makes Life Simple For Enterprises Working With Complex Text Analysis

Ontotext Metadata Studio helps you orchestrate content tagging and evaluate text analysis services to get the best results and maintain metadata quality

New York, Sofia, Basel September 7, 2022

Ontotext Hires Deron Ryan as CCO to Scale Up Sales in USA and Globally

Ontotext appoints Deron Ryan, a former ScienceLogic, Inc. executive, as Chief Commercial Officer to set up a strong team in USA and accelerate growth on the waves of growing demand for graph technology

New York, Sofia, Basel July 25, 2022

GraphDB 10 Brings Modern Data Architectures to the Mainstream with Better Resilience and Еаsier Operations

GraphDB 10 features smarter and simpler cluster architecture, effortless upgrades, faster graph analytics and enhanced search integration.

New York, Sofia, Basel June 30, 2022

GraphDB 9.10 Updates the Data in Knowledge Graphs in a Smarter Way

GraphDB 9.10 features smart updates via SPARQL templates and Kafka as well as graph-path search optimizations

Sofia/Bulgaria October 20, 2021

WeVerify’s Verification Plugin Is A Winner of the U.S.-Paris Tech Challenge Against Disinformation and Propaganda Award

The InVID/WeVerify plugin was selected as one of the three innovative solutions that won the U.S. State Department’s Global Engagement Center’s 2021 U.S.-Paris Tech Challenge

Sofia/Bulgaria October 8, 2021