Ontotext at “Meet the Future of AI” Conference

Vera.ai and three other EU projects are organizing the event designed to bring together experts from various sectors who possess valuable knowledge on combatting disinformation.

New York, Sofia, Basel June 26, 2023

BROD Portal Launches to Combat Disinformation in Bulgaria and Romania

The BROD project brings together researchers and journalists actively engaged in fact-checking efforts in Bulgaria and Romania, with the support of Ontotext as a partner in the consortium

New York, Sofia, Basel May 12, 2023

BROD Establishes a Regional EDMO Hub to Combat Disinformation in Bulgaria and Romania

New Digital Europe Project BROD (Bulgarian-Romanian Observatory of Digital Media) kick-off meeting was held at the end of January 2023 in Sofia

Sofia February 20, 2023

vera.ai: Mobilizing Artificial Intelligence Technologies in the Fight Against Disinformation

The vera.ai project consortium met in Athens at the end of September to kick-off their work on building professional trustworthy AI solutions against advanced disinformation techniques

Athens, Greece October 28, 2022

Ontotext Wins Six New Research Projects in Horizon Europe

Ontotext secures additional funding of €2,5M for research and innovation for the next 4 years

New York, Sofia, Basel September 28, 2022