Ontotext Platform Decouples Its Components Into Independent Services

Ontotext Platform introduces separate services with their own independent release processes as well as new features and improvements in these services.

Sofia/Bulgaria March 9, 2022

Ontotext Platform 3.7 Introduces a New Enriched Model

Ontotext Platform 3.7 makes it easy to join data from multiple data sources with the power of SPARQL Federation and adds SPARQL code in the model files to augment the generated queries and how data is accessed

Sofia/Bulgaria December 2, 2021

Ontotext Platform 3.6 Enables Validation of the Generated GraphQL Schema Against the Actual Data 

Ontotext Platform 3.6 makes it easy to find inconsistencies between the generated GraphQL schema and the available data in the knowledge graph, enables easier GraphQL query writing and improves Helm charts agility to provide better management capabilities.

Sofia/Bulgaria September 16, 2021

Ontotext Platform 3.5 Enables High Availability

The new version of the Platform simplifies deployment processes and infrastructure, and enables engineering teams to achieve high availability.

Sofia/Bulgaria June 23, 2021

Ontotext Platform 3.4 Brings Better Search and Aggregation in Knowledge Graphs

Ontotext Platform 3.4 introduces a Semantic Search Service that enables engineering teams to declaratively configure search and aggregation views over knowledge graphs and consume the data using the GraphQL interface

Sofia/Bulgaria April 13, 2021