Ontotext Platform 3.3 Streamlines the Building of Knowledge Graph Lenses and GraphQL Interfaces

Ontotext Platform 3.3 introduces a web-based administration tool enabling engineering teams to generate, enrich, validate and manage knowledge graph schemas

Sofia/Bulgaria November 19, 2020

Ontotext Platform 3.2 Offers Better System Integration and Control Over Knowledge Graph Access and Integrity

Ontotext Platform 3.2 features data quality assurance via SHACL validation upon transaction commit, multi-language support, bi-directional GraphQL federation and data-specific access control

Sofia/Bulgaria October 1, 2020

Ontotext GraphDB Named Champion in Bloor’s Graph Database Market Research

Leading independent technology research and analyst house Bloor Research places Ontotext as champion among RDF graph providers in its latest update on the graph database market

Sofia/Bulgaria July 23, 2020

Semantic Web Company and Ontotext Partner to Advance Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

Ontotext and Semantic Web Company — two of the strongest voices advocating the value of knowledge graphs for organizations dealing with large amounts of diverse data — announce a strategic partnership

Sofia/Bulgaria, Vienna/Austria June 16, 2020

Ontotext Platform 3.1 Fosters Easier Development and Usage of Knowledge Graphs

Ontotext Platform 3.1 features GraphQL Mutation and Federation, Schema Generation, Access Control and API Gateway for easy development of knowledge graphs

Sofia/Bulgaria April 27, 2020