Data Virtualization Made Easy with GraphDB and Ontopic Studio

Transform your enterprise’s data management with hybrid RDF graphs from SQL data platforms.


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The Future of Data Management.

Discover how Ontotext and Ontopic Studio are revolutionizing the way enterprises handle their data. From complex data virtualization to seamless integration, explore this efficient data handling.

Why Choose GraphDB and Ontopic Studio?

  • Efficient Data Integration: Merge disparate data sources into a coherent structure
  • Real-Time Data Access: Access up-to-date data without materialization
  • User-Friendly Interface: Achieve complex tasks with no-code solutions
  • Optimized for Enterprise: Tailored solutions for large-scale data challenges

Seamless Integration and Simplified Data Management

GraphDB and Ontopic Studio work in tandem to create a robust, virtual knowledge graph, streamlining the way your enterprise accesses and utilizes data.

How does the trial process work?

Complete the form and get a free, six-week trial of Ontopic, supported by Ontotext GraphDB. You will then receive a link for accessing Ontopic Studio directly to your inbox. You can access the repository where you will find all the necessary instructions to get started. When creating a project in Ontopic Studio, GraphDB will add it automatically as a virtual repository.

Running into issues?

You can rely on support from both teams – GraphDB and Ontopic Studio – at any time.