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Get the Best RDF Database for Knowledge Graphs

GraphDB allows you to link diverse data, index it for semantic search and enrich it via text analysis to build big knowledge graphs.

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Why Choose GraphDB?

The best RDF database

  • Benefit from full compliance with industry standards
  • Enjoy a highly performant reasoning and query engine
  • Deploy anywhere with ease

More than RDF

  • Explore additional functionalities provided by many plugins.
  • Use full-text and faceted search via the Elasticsearch, Solr and Lucene connectors
  • Synchronize data to downstream systems with the Kafka connector.

Simple to operate high availability cluster

  • Trust the Raft consensus algorithm and prevent data loss caused by unexpected failures.
  • Maximize node utilization and minimize hardware requirements.
  • Scale query processing proportionally to the number of cluster nodes.

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GraphDB Editions Comparison

The best RDF support GraphDB Free GraphDB Standard GraphDB Enterprise
Fully compliant with RDF 1.1 and SPARQL 1.1, with RDF-Star and SPARQL-Star extensions
Fully compliant reasoning for the standard rulesets RDFS, OWL 2 RL and QL
Custom reasoning and consistency checking rulesets
100% compatible with the RDF4J framework
Easy to deploy anywhere using Java
The best performance GraphDB Free GraphDB Standard GraphDB Enterprise
Highly performant simultaneous load, query and inference
Ultra fast forward-chaining reasoning with efficient retraction of inferred statements upon update
More than RDF GraphDB Free GraphDB Standard GraphDB Enterprise
Plugin API for engine extensions
Many plugins providing additional functionality such as geo-spatial indexing, GeoSPARQL, RDF rank, etc.
MongoDB connector
Lucene connector for full-text search
Solr connector for full-text search
Elasticsearch connector for full-text search
Kafka connector for downstream synchronization
High availability cluster GraphDB Free GraphDB Standard GraphDB Enterprise
Automatic failover, synchronization and load balancing to maximize node utilization
Scaling out concurrent query processing, allowing query throughput to scale proportionally to the number of cluster nodes
Cluster elasticity remaining fully functional in the event of failing nodes
Convenience GraphDB Free GraphDB Standard GraphDB Enterprise
Workbench interface to manage repositories, data, user accounts and access roles
Community support
Commercial SLA (optional)
  • GraphDB Free comes with a single-core license.
  • GraphDB EE can be licensed to two or more cores according to needs and is available on-premise from Ontotext and its partners.
  • GraphDB Enterprise Edition 12-core cluster is also available on AWS Marketplace & Microsoft Azure Marketplace as a Software as a Service (SaaS).

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