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Ontotext GraphDB comes in 2 editions:

  • GraphDB Free enables you to build 360 data views, explore your knowledge graph & establish interlinked master data.
  • GraphDB Enterprise Edition offers you a high availability cluster, easy integration & unlimited read scalability.
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What is GraphDB

GraphDB Editions

GraphDB Free: A Fully Featured RDF Database for Massive Data and Moderate Query Loads

  • Work on projects requiring an on-premise semantic graph database;
  • Lay the developmental foundations of smart data systems at all levels of ambition;
  • Easily upgrade to GraphDB SE or GraphDB EE without installing new software.

GraphDB EE: The Enterprise RDF Database for Business Critical Applications

  • Make use of all GraphDB SE features;
  • Design a system with maximum uptime and keep your data safe;
  • Easily integrate with developer-friendly APIs of Elasticsearch, SOLR and Lucene;
  • Enjoy unlimited read scalability.