Ontotext Refine

Turn Strings into Things

Ontotext Refine (OntoRefine) is a free application for automating the conversion of messy string data into a knowledge graph.

The tool supports analyzing the input data, applies various data cleaning and transformation algorithms, maps the string values into knowledge graph concepts and imports the generated model into GraphDB. The application is  based on the popular OpenRefine tool and includes a visual RDF mapping interface, command line tool to automate all steps and integration with secured GraphDB endpoints. See more in the Product Documentation.

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Why Choose Ontotext Refine?

Explore and clean your data efficiently

  • Work with raw data in many formats (TSV, CSV, *SV, XLS, XLSX, JSON, XML;
  • Explore and understand your data;
  • Easily filter, edit and clean-up  inconsistencies in the data.

Quickly map and transform any structured data to RDF schema

  • Use an easy RDF-ization workflow based on declarative transformations and a visual mapping UI;
  • Consume the transformed data from an Ontotext Refine virtual SPARQL endpoint;
  • Save transformations and apply them in batch mode using the Ontotext Refine CLI.

Make your all your datasets work together

  • Use Ontotext Refine to support a data integration workflow;
  • Reconcile your raw data to a remote reconciliation endpoint or one custom-built from the data inside your knowledge graph or
  • Use SPARQL federation to easily integrate the transformed data into an existing knowledge graph.

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