BROD aims to create a multinational, multi-stakeholder and multidisciplinary regional hub for detection, analysis and combating disinformation circulating in Bulgaria and Romania.

December 1, 2022 3 mins. read Gergana Petkova


An integrated platform of advanced disinformation identification and analysis tools tailored to Police Authorities (PAs) use cases and needs, developed by following an ethical-by-design and user-centric approach.

November 24, 2022 2 mins. read Milen Yankulov


RES-Q+ will expand the work of the RES-Q project for collecting and analyzing quality of stroke care by capturing the entire patient pathway

November 1, 2022 3 mins. read Gergana Petkova


enRichMyData aims to create a revolutionary paradigm for building rich, useful and high-quality datasets for use in Big Data Analytics and AI applications

October 1, 2022 3 mins. read Gergana Petkova seeks to build professional trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions against advanced disinformation techniques, co-created with and for media professionals and researchers and to also set the foundation for future research in the area of AI against disinformation.

September 15, 2022 4 mins. read Gergana Petkova