Semantic Technology Trainings

Our team of training instructors is committed to help you master Semantic Technology for success.

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How You’ll Benefit

Scale your application using GraphDB

Become self-sufficient in using GraphDB in a production environment and accelerate the development of your use-cases.

Design and build a successful PoC application all by yourself

Learn how to leverage Semantic Technology and Linked Data and build a PoC for your business case in any domain. 

Makе the most of semantic technology

Get an introduction to the power of this technology by learning about Semantic Web standards, defining schemas, managing data as a graph and using and publishing Linked Data.

Improve your competence in Semantic Technology and Ontotext products by:

  • taking part in a live sessions with pre-planned curriculum or
  • attending a tailor-made training courses to accommodate your specific needs and requirements (available as group training and one-on-one tutorials).

Live Trainings

Start with GraphDB Using FIBO

“GraphDB with FIBO” is a personal training demonstrating how to use The Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) with GraphDB. It is an accelerator for the development of your use-case(s) using GraphDB.

In a condensed 60 or 90 minutes format, this training helps you gain familiarity with key concepts and capabilities to overcome common challenges related to modeling and using your data with GraphDB.

Custom Trainings

Our standard curriculum courses provide instructions in Semantic Technology concepts and Ontotext products. They can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization.