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Our dedicated team of experts assists you in every step of the way and helps you operate your semantic solutions smoothly. We offer 3rd level support packages.

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How You’ll Benefit

Free community support

No user left behind! We believe that everyone deserves free high-quality support. Now you can benefit from our free support via two channels:

Commercial support and maintenance

  • Maintenance + Free support
  • Standard Commercial support
  • Premium (24/7) Commercial support

Service Description

Maintenance package

We provide support in the form of corrective maintenance, defined as activities associated with root-cause analysis and bugfix isolation and resolution.

We provide software maintenance for the licensed software in the form of:

  • Software updates, major version upgrades, Bug fixes and patches for the Supported Software;
  • Information about release plans and version.

GraphDB Free comes with free maintenance included in the product. However, if you have purchased the Standard or Enterprise version, only the Maintenance package will make you eligible for receiving product updates and patches.

Free community support

No user left behind! We want everyone to receive free high-quality support.

Take advantage of our free support:

GraphDB Free users will get the most help from our Free Community Support.

For users of the Standard and Enterprise versions and any other Ontotext software products, we recommend the Commercial Support offerings, which make you eligible for receiving patches and new versions of our software.

If you are running our software as part of your production environment, we recommend considering the Maintenance package either separately or as part of the Commercial Support offerings.


Commercial support

In order to facilitate your development success and smooth operation, our Commercial Support package includes:

  • Third Level Support – We grant you access to the most experienced people for all of our products – our senior experts.
  • Training – We offer appropriate training and reference the documentation that empowers you to use your own service desk (First Level Support) and system administrators (Second Level Support) to handle the operational issues related to the software.

Your technical personnel needs to have a sufficient level of understanding the functionality of the purchased product, as well as the related standards, specifications and technologies. This enables you to take over the First and Second Level Support so you can fully benefit from our Third Level Support.

All our Commercial Support packages include free of charge Maintenance package to enable you to immediately receive software patches and take advantage of the latest version of our products.

Severity Response Time* Resolution Time
Urgent within 2 hours 24 hours
Major within 24 hours 5 days
Minor Any time 15 days

For tickets submitted after 5 pm or outside business working hours, the response time countdown starts from 9:00 am on the next business day

Standard commercial support

Our Standard Commercial Support plan provides an annual subscription for Third Level Support services, defined in terms of severity levels, response time and resolution time (see the table).

Communication. Preferred method is via support tickets. Ontotext uses the de facto industry standard issue tracking system Jira by Atlassian. Ticket editing in Jira is also used to measure the conformance to response/resolution times. In addition, we also provide phone support.

Coverage: 3rd level business hours support offers response times within standard working hours (9:00-18:00).

Time zone: Currently we are centered around US (EDT) and Europe (GMT).

Premium (24/7) support

In addition to the KPIs included in the Standard Commercial Support offering, incl. Maintenance, in our Premium (24/7) Support Packages we offer:

Guaranteed response and resolution times –The Premium Support service is also based on severity levels and guarantees response and resolution times for each incident (see the table).

Extended time coverage – As an additional option, we provide a 24/7 Support and/or standard business hours for other time zones.

Custom SLA (optional) – For our enterprise customers, we offer a custom Exclusive SLA plans that define specific requirements for response and resolution times.

Severity Response Time* Resolution Time
Urgent within 2 hours 24 hours
Major within 24 hours 5 days
Minor Any time 15 days

Support Package Comparison Table

Package Free
Premium 24/7
Email support
Telephone support  
Issue tracking  
Customer run books review  
Guaranteed response and resolution time