Text Mining and Text Analytics

Providing text mining services is an integral part of the semantic solutions we build. We can also offer this expertise separately as a customized service package, tailored to your unique needs.

By developing a bespoke text mining functionality for you or fine-tuning an existing one, our experts can optimize your text analytics solutions to achieve the highest quality feasible for your particular task.

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How You’ll Benefit

Gain shared understanding of your text mining challenges

Get an initial data feed and a formal assessment of the technical difficulty of your task by creating annotation guidelines and gold standard corpora.

Build an adequate baseline text analytics model

Shape the foundation of your text analytics by writing/ adapting rules, managing vocabularies, training machine learning (ML) models, etc.

Benefit from continuous improvement

Enhance the automated Text Mining quality and the ML models by monitoring their performance and training them through human feedback.

Derive business value from your tailored text analytics

Build better technical solutions and drive competitive differentiation and value by customizing your text analytics service.

Create meaningful connections between your unstructured text and the structured data

Service Description

Technical solutions leveraging tailored Text Mining

  • Efficient content management – future-proof your content by continuously improving the meaningful connections between your unstructured text and the structured data;
  • Pertinent content recommendation – suggest relevant related content based on the semantic fingerprint of your documents by employing a Text Mining service adapted to your particular business case;
  • Advanced search and discovery – address your information needs swiftly and efficiently by customizing your Text Mining to reflect the specifics of your domain, the relevant data and your typical discovery tasks.

Business cases for Semantic Text Analytics

Semantic Text Analytics is at the heart of most of our technical solutions and can enhance: