Advanced Drug Safety

Easily trace safety information throughout the entire drug development lifecycle in a single intelligent system in your role as a Pharma or medical device manufacturer. Uncover hidden patterns, new correlations, trends, patient behaviors and other insights that can support you in making more informed business decisions.


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How You’ll Benefit

Easily manage and trace safety information throughout the entire drug development lifecycle in a central intelligent system
Increase regulatory compliance by reliably identifying clinical data discrepancies.
Automatically detect new safety signals as new data is ingested directly in the knowledge graph.
Leverage publicly available safety information in the form of a knowledge graph (FAERS from US FDA, EudraVigilance, VigiBase from WHO, etc.).
Gain insights hidden in your proprietary safety data fusing it with the knowledge graph.

How it Works

Manage events

  • Take advantage of a broad coverage of diverse data sources – clinical trials, post-marketing product brochures, national registries, etc.
  • Endorse automatic semantic data normalization, which grounds heterogeneous data to referential terminology concepts.
  • Reconcile records across data sources removing duplicate records and improving data quality.

Build a global drug safety knowledge graph

  • Setup and maintenance of proprietary global safety knowledge graph with preferred sources.
  • Ingest in-house legacy data in any format and explore it within broader context.

Improve safety surveillance

  • Analyze trends and benefit from intelligent signal detection based on advanced AI technology.
  • Receive automatic notifications for newly reported events of interest detected by the system.

Case Studies

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Discover how to enhance your analytical capabilities over diverse data streams with Ontotext’s Advanced Drug Safety Analytics Solution.

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