Building Automation Systems

Improve the tooling and flexibility of the modeling and management of your Building Automation Systems (BAS). We can help you facilitate the work of your BAS integrators to create a virtual model that provides a global view over the diverse information managed in these systems.


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How You’ll Benefit

Save time and resources for modeling Building Automation Systems and managing changes to the model.
Providе BAS integrators with an easier and quicker way to implement building automation systems, which improves the positioning of the BAS manufacturers.
Have a global view of all assets for better analysis of the efficiency of the different systems in the building and easier decision making regarding the balance between productivity and cost.

How it Works

  • Semantic Data Modeling – use the specialized metadata schema for buildings Brick and model your systems for transparency and effectiveness.
  • Semantic Data Integration – adopt a semantic data integration approach and careful virtualization strategies to bridge the heterogeneity of the data coming from different building automation systems.
  • Evolve, Maintain and Monitor – evolve the model with your growth, detect incompatibilities and optimize capabilities, enable predictive maintenance, simplify versioning, monitor differences and health of the systems.
  • Advanced Analytics – optimize your workflows and offer more competitive solutions by analyzing the connections between various system components in complex networks.

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