Clinical Intelligence

Discover the latest  trends and historic information about topics of interest such as drug indication, therapy, disease, research activities and more. Our solution provides drug and medical device manufacturers with public and proprietary information merged in a single source-of-truth – a knowledge graph providing actionable insights and local relations between entities from various datasets and documents.


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How You’ll Benefit

Easily manage medical data from various sources, such as PubMed and, in a central intelligence system.
Save valuable time by obtaining relevant information from one interconnected network of knowledge.
Find hidden relationships between entities and trends in medical data.
Increase productivity by introducing custom automatic workflows for document processing.
Improve data interoperability and inexpensively integrate internal data with publicly available open data.

How it Works

Semantic data normalization

  • Unlock information locked in silos.
  • Ingest any structured data formats – XML, CSV, RDBMS, etc.
  • Transform source data models into a unified self-explanatory RDF data model.
  • Integrate with NLP pipelines.

Knowledge graph

  • Build highly interlinked network of knowledge out of multiple data sources.
  • Remove redundancy.
  • Apply data validation.
  • Maintain data provenance.

Semantic search

  • User-friendly Google-like search.
  • Concept search and disambiguation.
  • Knowledge graph exploration.
  • Custom views and Analytical dashboards.

Case Studies

Demo service

Discover how to acces and explore high-quality data with Ontotext’s Pharma Regulatory Intelligence Solution.

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Knowledge Graph Enrichment