Content Reuse and Repurposing

Prepare your content for multichannel delivery and multiple reuse. Our solution enables content-centric enterprises to improve repeated monetization, by optimizing the content reuse and repurposing as well as creating new products such as books, apps, reports, journal articles, etc.

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How You’ll Benefit

Achieve operational efficiency

  • content creation and reuse
  • enrichment at lower cost
  • high quality and better speed

Increase user engagement

  • creating curated user stories
  • landing anywhere go anywhere customer journeys
  • related content discovery

Enable novel products and new services

  • ability to manage your assets as interlinked data and content
  • searching in a graph of concepts

How it Works

Content reuse

The transformational power of semantic tagging enables publishers to start looking at individual content as elements that can be separated and reused and not just documents, created for a single purpose and targeting a specific audience.

Content repurposing

In this way, the semantically enriched content spans the entire enterprise: it is authored by multiple content creators and delivered to multi-channel information products for multiple users in multiple media.

Case Studies

News on the Web (NOW)

A free public service, showcasing the opportunities open up before media and publishing companies. Get a real feel of the world where semantic technologies are already shaping the way we search, discover and consume content.

Products, Solutions and Services Involved

Text Analysis for Content Management

Text Mining and Analytics

Knowledge Graph Enrichment