Electrical Grid Management

Manage critical assets, comply with regulations, and optimize asset performance by creating your SmartGrid digital twin. We can help you strengthen your grid control and monitoring capabilities to deliver efficient, safe, reliable and sustainable energy services.


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How You’ll Benefit

Utilize the Common Information Model (CIM) for Grid Models Exchange and transfer information in efficient and transparent way;
Comply and benefit from applying the Network Codes to harmonize and integrate within the larger market;
Get a better overview of all your network capabilities to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs;
Implement an efficient predictive maintenance plan for minimal risk of equipment failure and optimum lifecycle;
Enhance your asset management with data analytics that supports better operational decisions;
Address environmental, social, and governance (ESG) measures and incorporate them into your business processes;

How it Works

  • Semantic Data Modeling – start with the industry standards supported by IEC and ENTSO-E and model your network for transparency and effectiveness.
  • Semantic Data Integration – utilize sound modeling and virtualization to integrate heterogeneous data sources without risking your data integrity and reliability
  • Efficient Compliance and Interoperability – simplify and optimize the burdens of regulatory compliance with efficient and flexible reporting and exchange
  • Advance Analytics – analyze and predict impact in various scenarios based on high-quality data; extract powerful and relevant insights from your analytics by putting your information into context and drawing new conclusions from it.

Video Presentation

Check out the video presentation: “Advanced Data Validation for the Transparency Energy Knowledge Graph.”

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