Financial Services

Get interconnected understanding of your data and documents for better decision-making

Leverage knowledge graphs to create data centric products, based on diverse data sources to enable smarter consumption and analytics.

Sectors we benefit:

  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment and Transaction Advisors
  • Funds and Asset Managers
  • Market Analysts
  • Compliance Advisors
  • Market Data Publishers

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How You’ll Benefit

Improve capability:

  • Discover and identify the key assets of the business;
  • Structure, unify and standardize meaning;
  • Measure quantitate and qualitative information;
  • Analyze insights based on the holistic view of the enterprise;
  • Predict risk and opportunity scenarios.

Enhance control:

  • Look at real-time big-picture and drill down insights;
  • View key success/failure factors;
  • Analyze performance and ROI;
  • Audit and demonstrate ongoing compliance;
  • Enable risk identification, measurement and management;
  • Assess company capabilities.

Reduce cost:

  • Achieve cost optimization of risk, controls, time, repeatable manual efforts, physical and IT infrastructure expenses, etc.
  • Enjoy new revenue streams by adding new and improved monetization of existing information and data assets, resulting in new products, services and ways of doing business.

Increase capacity:

  • Unify – have a consistent view of the enterprise assets;
  • Standardize – comply with standards and regulations, reduce risk error;
  • Automate – get the best practices of the enterprise;
  • Scale – perform on-demand at speed and scale;
  • Be agile – iteratively improve and extend in parallel;
  • Comply – no vendor lock-in and technical W3C standards compliance.

Business Applications

Investment Intelligence

Take advantage of a rich combination of proprietary information with global market data and further refinement to boost your competitive investment insight.

Connected Inventory

Implement a Connected Inventory of enterprise data assets, based on a knowledge graph, to get business insights about the current status and trends, risk and opportunities, based on a holistic interrelated view of all enterprise assets.

Regulatory Compliance

Improve the efficiency and precision of your Regulatory Compliance system to meet your regulatory obligations and save millions in fines.

Explore Reference Ontologies and Datasets

Learn More About Financial Industry Business Ontology, Global Legal Entities, Locations, Countries and Currencies, Ultimate Owners, Sanctioned Persons and many other reference datasets in GraphDB
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Case Studies


News, Events & Blog Posts

Research Projects & Other Resources

  • Effective Sanctions Compliance with Ontotext


    In this webinar, we will demonstrate several key capabilities, required to successfully implement sanctions a screening policy for regulatory compliance risk mitigation.

  • GraphDB as Company Data Central


    Smarten up your company data using FIBO as a semantic model and reference data from GLEI and Wikidata. An Ontotext webinar.

  • Knowledge Graphs in the Enterprise: The Story Behind the Hype

    White Papers

    In this white paper, focus on what knowledge graphs are (and what they are not), what problems they solve and why they are the next generation tool for helping enterprises make critical decisions.

  • Exploring FIBO with GraphDB Cover

    Exploring FIBO with GraphDB

    White Papers

    With this white paper, we aim to comprehend and analyze the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) and link your data to it in GraphDB

  • Smart Adverse Media Monitoring Solution for Accelerating Negative News Disambiguation

    Case Studies

    Ontotext’s smart KYC Adverse Media Monitoring solution can ensure that multinational investment banks comply with regulatory requirements and are protected from reputational risk.

  • InnoRate

    Research Projects

    InnoRate aims to disrupt the EU risk-averse financial sector and enhance the innovation capacity of high growth technology sectors and SMEs

  • Graph Analytics on Company Data and News


    Watch this Ontotext webinar to learn how graph analytics on top of Ontotext’s Knowledge Graph can enhance your data discovery solution and get chance your questions to be answered live.

  • euBusinessGraph

    Research Projects

    euBusinessGraph represents a key initiative to simplify and disrupt the cross-border and cross-lingual collection, reconciliation, aggregation, and provisioning and analytics of company-related data from authoritative and non-authoritative public or private sector sources, with the aim of enabling cross-sectorial innovation.

  • Improving Content Production Through a Unified Semantic Publishing Platform

    Case Studies

    Euromoney’s BCA Research chose Ontotext technology in its quest to create a new publishing and information platform, which would include the latest authoring, storing, and display technologies including semantic search and an RDF triplestore.