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FIBO in Context

Read about a technique employing GraphDB’s similarity indexes that helps demonstrate the alignment of FIBO with other vocabularies in specific business contexts.

Exploring FIBO Using the Inference and Property Path Features of GraphDB

Read about how to explore the utility provided by property paths and reasoning for exploring and understanding the FIBO, loaded in GraphDB’s Workbench.

The Power of Ontologies and Knowledge Graphs: Practical Examples

Read about the key benefits of using ontology-powered knowledge graphs, illustrated by examples and case studies from the Financial Services Industry

About FIBO

The Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) is a conceptual model of the financial industry that has been developed by the Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC). The EDMC supports an open process for the continuing maintenance and development of FIBO. The goal of FIBO is to provide precise meaning to the data artifacts that describe the business of finance independent of the form the data artifacts may take. FIBO contains the entities and associations that describe the information needed to build, extend and integrate financial business applications. FIBO is specified using RDF(S) and OWL. It is therefore amenable to analysis using SPARQL and OWL inference.

Peio Popov, Sales Director Financial Services, presents a quick start knowledge graph scenario for Financial Services.

What Can You Do with FIBO Loaded in GraphDB Workbench?

FIBO in GraphDB

  • Load FIBO in GraphDB Workbench;
  • Experiment with different reasoning profiles (how OWL 2 RL compares with RDFS);
  • Comprehend its structure using the Class Hierarchy diagram and explore it with the Visual Graph facility;
  • Use GraphDB to combine OWL 2 RL reasoning and property paths to check the structural integrity of FIBO and familiarize ourselves with its structure;
  • Employ GraphDB’s similarity indexes that help facilitate the alignment of FIBO with other industry and regulatory vocabularies.

Who is FIBO in GraphDB Useful for?

Information/Solution Architects

Build a semantic enterprise information architecture leveraging interoperable industry standard data models.

Business Analysts

Use a business conceptual model that covers all financial instruments, business entities and processes in the financial industry.


Build, extend and integrate financial business applications leveraging interoperable industry standard data models.