Healthcare and Life Sciences

Develop knowledge graph powered AI solutions

Quickly build knowledge graphs by picking up relevant public datasets from our large inventory, loading highly normalized and semantically interlinked data in your custom knowledge graph, ingesting your proprietary data and feeding your AI and analytical tools with high quality data with traceable provenance.

Sectors we benefit:

  • Pharma
  • Biotech
  • Agro-Chemical
  • Healthcare
  • Health Insurance
  • Medical Devices
  • Consumer Goods

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How You’ll Benefit

Improve insight discoverability

Unlock information hidden in structured and unstructured documents stored in regulated data management systems.

Apply advanced analytics

Automatically process diverse textual data streams to identify hidden insights, optimize manual workflows (e.g., tracing drug safety signals) and save valuable time.

Empower F.A.I.R. knowledge sharing

Improve data interoperability through implementing FAIR data principles to foster better collaboration and information reuse.

Enhance research intelligence

Еasily monitor newest trends and developments across your industry, new products, filed patents, mentions in news, etc.

Rely on data-driven decisions

Easily manage all relevant information for your business process(es) and research activities into a highly interconnected network of knowledge.

Automate your claim processing

Maintain referential knowledge base of known medical facts for checking inconsistencies in health insurance claims.

Business Applications

Discovery in Clinical Trials

Quickly and easily find the information you need to address requests from regulatory agencies or design your research activities.

Identify New Drug Targets And Promising Drug Repurposing Candidates

with Ontotext’s Target Discovery


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Medical Coding of Patient Records

Break the productivity barriers and transform the raw patient data into structured knowledge.

Knowledge Graph Drug Discovery

Extract knowledge and provide provenance for each underlying fact that supports your the scientific research.

Get access to 200+ public datasets and ontologies in RDF

with Ontotext’s LinkedLifeData Inventory


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Advanced Drug Safety

Uncover hidden patterns, new correlations and trends that can support stakeholders in taking PV related business decisions.

Clinical Intelligence

Boost your clinical intelligence by interlinking your data to improve availability and accessibility of high-quality information across the enterprise.

Use Case: Drug Development and Drug Repurposing

with metaphactory and GraphDB


Get started with your knowledge graph application today!

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Medical Claims Processing

Automatically match billable activities with the medical necessities and the recommendations from regulators.

Medical Devices and Drug Products Market Intelligence

Automate some of the most labor-intensive steps in the market intelligence workflow.


Case Studies

Showcase Demonstrators

Drug Safety

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Patients’ Insights

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Pharma Insights

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News, Events & Blog Posts

Research Projects & Other Resources


    Research Projects

    AIDAVA aims at unlocking the full potential wealth of knowledge siloed inside healthcare systems by enabling interoperability, AI-readiness and reuse-readiness of heterogeneous personal health data (PHD) on institutional, national and EU scale.


    Research Projects

    Classify Oncology Diseases: Espanol (CODE) is a project for AI-driven automatic ICD10 diagnosis coding of oncology medical records in Spanish funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme as an AI4EU Solution for the challenge “Identification of Colon Cancer Risk Factors”

  • Accelerated R&D with a FAIR Data Fabric in Life Sciences


    In this webinar, Ontotext and metaphacts present a modular approach to R&D data discovery and knowledge consumption in Life Sciences & Pharma using metaphactory & GraphDB

  • Generate Value from Your Knowledge Graph in Days


    In this webinar, Ontotext and metaphacts present an approach to kickstart your knowledge graph journey and get you from idea to production in days

  • TheFSM

    Research Projects

    TheFSM aims to develop an industrial data platform improving the way food certification takes place in Europe and give it a digital boost.


    Research Projects

    The EXtreme-scale Analytics via Multimodal Ontology Discovery & Enhancement project (EXA MODE) is a Big Data project for the Healthcare, involving the development and release of extreme analytic methods and tools that are adopted in decision-making by hospitals.

  • Building AI-powered Drug Adverse Events Monitoring Service


    In this webinar, we will demonstrate how the complex process of capturing all important AERs data elements of a semantic literature in a consistent way can be automated with the help of semantic technologies.