Ontotext LinkedLifeData Inventory

A data catalog specifically designed for the healthcare and life sciences domain that will give you access to 200+ public datasets and ontologies in RDF format and empower you to:

  • create large, highly interconnected and use-case specific knowledge graphs in just a few weeks;
  • enrich the value of your FAIR data to get deeper insights;
  • leverage our proven methodology for semantic data integration;
  • subscribe to a custom set of datasets and preferred update frequency (depending on the update frequency guaranteed by the official publisher).

Typical Use Cases

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Use Cases

Leverage highly interlinked information across various data sources to boost drug development and drug repurposing

Identify biomedical concepts and relationships in both unstructured and structured data to speed up novel therapies

About Ontotext’s LinkedLifeData Inventory

Ontotext Life Sciences and Healthcare Data Inventory offers access to 200+ public datasets and ontologies in RDF format about genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, molecular interactions and biological processes, pharmacology, clinical, medical and scientific publications and many more (UMLS, SNOMED, LOINC, ICD-9, ICD-10, ChEBI, ChEMBL, UniProt, PubMed, ClinicalTrials.gov, FDA AERS as well as very niche ones like GWAS, DisGenet, OpenTargets, PathwayCommons, FDA NDC, Drugs@FDA).

A Data Inventory Organized As a Map of Data Domains

How it Works

  • Our established FAIRification process ensures the semantic harmonization of the data, normalizing property values to corresponding ontology / terminology instances specific for the biomedical domain.
  • For datasets serialized in RDF by their official publishers, we generate additional semantic mappings between certain concepts from referential datasets for genes, proteins, drugs, compounds, pathways, diseases, cell types and cell lines.
  • Whenever necessary for the delivery of a custom knowledge graph solution, we provide a definition of the mappings between the customer proprietary ontology and the incorporated public datasets from our inventory.
  • Each single dataset in the inventory is represented by a documented schema and a detailed description of each RDF serialization including classes, properties and semantic mappings.

Who is Ontotext’s LinkedLifeData Inventory for?

Pharma Companies

Discover and repurpose a number of existing drugs to treat rare and newly identified diseases.

Biotech Companies

Use target data of drug indications and build model datasets.


Navigate efficiently the huge volume​ and wide range of data about genes, proteins, compounds, diseases, etc.