Linked Open Data Publishing with Ontotext Platform

Ontotext’s products and services enable Governments to unlock vast amounts of information with the help of Linked Open Data (LOD) and provide a great source of knowledge and insight. In today’s data age, Open Data is becoming a must for Governments and public organizations that want to show transparency, foster collaboration and innovation, and empower public trust.


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How You’ll Benefit

Work with data that is shareable, extensible, easily re-usable and can be multilingual to enable various policy-making and data analytics activities.
Become more visible to others by publishing your 5-star LOD, benefiting all cooperating entities.
Unlock the potential of your data and turn it into knowledge with the help of Ontotext as a one-stop-shop offering all the products and services required for it.

Ontotext offers a complete package for Linked Open Data publishing:

  • Complete LOD Methodology  – a proven multi-step approach for the entire life-cycle of your LOD;
  • OntoRefine – a fully integrated ETL toolbox for your tabular data;
  • GraphDB – a performant native RDF database capable of handling billions of triples;
  • GraphDB Workbench – a web-based administration tool for exposing and managing your endpoint with ease;
  • Ontotext Platform – all-in-one platform providing unmatched flexibility when building applications on top of your knowledge graph;
  • Ontotext Text Analytics – a tool for for extracting the knowledge from all your documents;
  • Experience – the benefit of working with a team of highly experienced data scientists, developers and consultants who have been delivering Linked Data applications for more than a decade.

How it Works

  • URI management policy – having a stable policy, management and infrastructure for persistent URIs is key and it will increase the context, expressivity, quality and value of your data (and consequently you give visibility to your organization). This is a collaborative work between your domain experts and our consultants.
  • Data Modeling / Ontology Design – during the data modeling step you may choose to create or reuse an ontology and our team will assist you with the choice and implementation of this important step.
  • Mapping – our experts will help you map your instance data to the newly created data model.
  • RDFizing –  we can help you generate your RDF data based on almost any type of data source be it database, structured or unstructured data.
  • Linking– linking your data model to other datasets is very important and will make your data more useful and your organization more visible.
  • NLP – extracting valuable information from your unstructured data and documents will enrich and extend your overall knowledge and will surface unexpected insights making your data more actionable.
  • Matching – once you start to working with other datasets, we will help you match your data with the external one coming from other datasets.
  • Exploring – we can help you create specific user interfaces for visualizing and exploring your newly created knowledge graph.
  • Building – after your data is ready, Ontotext Platform will help you build your applications quickly.

Products and Services Involved


Ontotext Platform

Semantic Data Modeling

Text Analysis for Content Management

Text Mining and Analytics

Support and Operations