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Improve organization! Increase discoverability! Boost engagement!

We help publishing companies transform themselves from being solely content publishers to becoming providers of data and metadata driven products.

Sectors we benefit:

  • Financial and Business Media
  • Market Intelligence and Investment Information Agencies
  • News and Media Companies
  • Science, Technology and Medicine (STM) Publishers

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How You’ll Benefit

Boost your revenue

  • increased content reuse and repurposing
  • improved discoverability
  • increased user engagement

Adapt to change

  • a model of knowledge that evolves as your organization changes
  • content assets are no longer document-bound
  • simultaneous multi-channel delivery

Increase cost savings

  • automated  content enrichment
  • harmonized metadata attribution
  • reduced time to create content and content-related products

Business Applications

Content Reuse and Repurposing

Enable repeated monetization of your assets, by facilitating content reuse and repurposing for creating new books, apps, reports, journal articles, etc.

Improved Content Discoverability

Improve the discoverability of your content by creating rich metadata, centered around the meaning of concepts and their relationships.

Automated Content Enrichment

Use the transformational power of semantic tagging to enrich your content automatically.

Case Studies

Showcase Demonstrators

NOW – News On The Web

NOW – News On The Web

A free public service designed to show you the capabilities of semantic technology for publishing purposes.

See it in action

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