Policy Management

Business and government enterprises have a wealth of policy knowledge derived from specialists in various fields. What they have lacked, until now, is a flexible method for searching in their content using and making this knowledge beneficial.


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How You’ll Benefit

Improve policy governance and quality

Demonstrate ongoing compliance

Lower time and efforts for policy research

Accelerate research and training

Consolidate your organizational knowledge

Identify conflicting policies across organizations

How it Works

OpenPolicy solves the problem of traditional search engines – the fact that they produce document-level results that do not cover document contents nor pinpoint appropriate paragraphs.

The search tool, running on a semantic-web database platform, experts-developed ontologies and web-based computing power, can currently host tens of thousands of pages of electronic documents. Using domain-specific vocabularies (ontologies), OpenPolicy also suggests possible terms and phrases to help users refine their search and obtain better results.

Why It Works

OpenPolicy combines the innovative technologies of Ontotext with LMI’s deep government expertise to solve a persistent and expensive problem. The platform uses GraphDB to enable intuitive searching and filtering and provides “guided navigation” built on real subject matter expert knowledge.

OpenPolicy adheres to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Semantic Web Standards, which are compatible with the next generation World Wide Web (Web 3.0). By building the platform around these standards, we have taken a long view to reducing over-the-horizon costs for our clients and their user community.

Products, Solutions and Services Involved

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