Railway Asset Management

Efficiently manage and optimize the performance of railway assets to improve safety, maintenance processes, support economic growth and minimize environmental impact. We can create a customized knowledge graph, federate across virtualized data silos to help you maximize your asset management for minimum cost and risk.


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How You’ll Benefit

Have a 360° view of all your assets, systems, procedures, tools and activities;
Match and fuse data across numerous data silos and master systems;
Build dynamic simulation models (digital twins) of railway assets;
Analyze data about usage to enable predictive and preventive maintenance;
Apply easy to use semantic search over heterogeneous data;
Benefit from IoT integration and leverage your sensor network for actionable insights

How it Works

Semantic data integration

    • Blend data from disparate sources by employing a data-centric architecture built upon an RDF model.
    • Utilize and explore the industry standards developed by the industry domain leaders and regulators.
    • Normalize data to concepts from major ontologies and registries used by the business.
    • Employ proper semantic alignment that guarantees a high quality knowledge graph.
    • Leverage complex sensor network aggregates for actionable insights and risk management
Ontotext Knowledge Graph Sample infographic

Knowledge graph

    • Infer new facts and relationships by applying logical rules on data at scale, including temporal reasoning.
    • Provide a semantically aligned model for data consumption and reuse.
    • Run as a simulation model for managing assets and solving complex questions by using sequences of multiple causal relations.

Analytics and exploration 

    • Benefit from an evolving knowledge graph loaded with high-quality data and provenance on a single fact level.
    • Use as a foundation for training machine learning and deep learning models to identify patterns and correlations between your assets.
    • Create specific user interfaces for visualizing and exploring your newly created knowledge graph to support your decision-making process.

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