Turn your data-driven insights into a sustained competitive advantage!

Connect and improve the insights from your customer, product, delivery, and location data. Recommender systems powered by a knowledge graph will enable a deeper understanding of the relationships between products and your consumers’ intent while providing better responses to individual customer interests.

Sectors we benefit:

  • Ecommerce
  • Fast fashion
  • Home Improvement
  • Grocery
  • Hard goods

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How You’ll Benefit

Improve your customer experience, reduce costs and increase revenue, by combining customer-related data (personal, demographic) with transactional data (orders, payments, calls)
Increased Ecommerce order value by providing a personalized shopping experience, richer product descriptions and real-time recommendations
Gain a 360-degree customer view that encompasses every part of the customer journey. Easily see the past, present, and future of your company’s relationships with a customer
Improve supply chain visibility and reduce distribution costs while sharing data across all nodes in the value chain
Implement semantic descriptions of your entities and their relationships, enabling easy integration of data and schemas, interlinking and enriching with external sources (ex. Wikipedia, GeoSpatial Data)
Help your customer quickly and reduce the number of calls and emails to the customer service center, by creating intelligent chatbots


Enrich your visitors buying journey with detailed product information and services, including relationships between them, creating an easy-to-use semantic search.
Gain focused business insights when you integrate data to accelerate digital transformation initiatives by blending data sets across multiple domains

Business Applications

Recommender Systems

Drive upsell opportunities through next-generation personalized recommendations. By understanding deeper contextual relationships between products and how they relate to customer’s interests, you can deliver more accurate suggestions driven by the power of knowledge graph inferences.



Keep your customers happy and informed by using knowledge graphs to optimize and best understand your organization’s knowledge. By implementing semantic technologies and NLP tooling, you can leverage machine learning to answer complex questions dynamically to interact more naturally with your customers.

Product 360 View

Finding new relationships among data helps you to make more meaningful purchase recommendations. Connect your product and service marketing by improving what you know about each customer with what you know about every product you offer.